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When the internal organs of the animals are separated from the body, they are transferred to the offal processing department without being exposed to any contamination. In this section, the contents of the tripe are cleaned and washed with hot water at 75-82 °C in the sections that are divided into dirty and clean. Heads and feet with their horns cut off and than  washed in hot water. The nails of the feet washed with hot water are removed. Heads and feet, which are sterilized by these processes, are sent to the packaging department.

Red offal, (liver, heart, kidney, head meat etc.) After they are separated from each other and the unwanted parts are discarded, they are cooled, packaged and offered for sale.

The offal, which are sold in unprocessed raw form in our current facility, will bring additional sales and revenue growth when they are packaged with a hygienic shelf life.