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Farm to Table

We are at your service with 150 kinds of products.

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A Variety Of Tastes!

We are at your service with 150 kinds of products.

Why Star Meat?

Healthy, Delicious, Affordable!

The Best For You
Star Et fulfills its wide cold storages equipped with the latest technology, refrigerated vehicles and all the products it puts into service in accordance with international standards by subjecting them to inspection in a laboratory environment.

Our company continues on its way with firm and sure steps in order to introduce taste and Gaziantep taste to Turkey and the world in the future.
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Star Et, with its experiences in sector of more than 80 years, has made its name in the sector with its quality, and at the same time our company also is proud of increasing the quality with its customer portfolio.

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Meat dishes are so easy now! Discover recipes that will inspire you to make delicious, nutritious and satisfying meals.

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