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Two separate slaughter lines will be established for bovine and ovine. Both lines will consist of dirty and clean parts that will be separate from each other.,

Until the leather falls from the back, the dirty part will be designed after the cut leather from animals designed as clean part. The aim here is to protect the product without contaminating the meat (food) from the external environment .

The cutting lines will consist of two parts, the bleeding line and the processing line. Slaughter lines will consist of mobile and fixed platforms where butchers, engineers and veterinarians will work. There was a adjustable cutting cell and an automatic skinning machine in the sheep slaughtering line. The cattle slaughtering line, on the other hand, will consist of a adjsutable slaughter cell, head removal, tripe removal, carcass splitting, spinal cord removal, veterinary control and monorail lines that will take the offal to the operating area untouched.

All areas will be air-conditioned with clean and cooled positive air, free from bacteria and germs, taken from the outside environment.