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With our new facility, the companies we have been cooperating for many years -PINARET, TANSAŞ, MİGROS, NAMET, CARREFOUR, METRO, KİPA, ÖZDİLEK, PEHLİVANOĞLU, KÖFTECİ YUSUF, YILDIRIMET, OZTAS- on top of that, we want to cooperate with new companies. We will deliver the products demanded by our corporate customers at the national level in a healthier and shelf-lasting manner and increase our tonnage and endorsement.

We aim to increase our export share, especially to the Middle East countries, by taking advantage of the location and logistics networks of our company.

The Covid-19 pandemic that our world is in has put forward the concept of "healthy product from farm-to-table"in the food sector and increased the interest in virtual sales . This change also affected the meat industry. With the facility investment that we plan to produce with the necessary equipment, packaging and capacity, we aim to increase the average shelf life of 10-12 days in the market to 30-60 days, to increase our sales tonnage,endorsement and new customers who buy ready-packaged products such as BİM and A101, and increase our portfolio.
Thus, we aim to be the sector leader with our company that will achieve sustainable growth.